Welcome to Cats Paw Island!
A CHATLANDS™ 2D Avatar Chat

12/31/14: The CPI administration is away the wolf/canine poses are no longer working. We are looking into this! Please be patient.

10/16- We have a few select rooms that allow all species! Smilidon and Tabby set back up for free use, the possibilities are endless!
Cats Paw Island is a PG-13, 2D avatar chat. This means that on Cats Paw Island you have an avatar (an image that represents you) and you move about on a stage.

The avatar is a two dimensional picture. It might be a piece of artwork that you drew yourself, or one that you chose from our library or bought from someone else. The stage that you're on can be pretty much anything, such as a rolling prairie, a mysterious forest, a creepy castle. The possibilities here are endless and they are up to YOU.
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